Teleflex - Arrow

Arrow International Inc, subsidiary of Teleflex Medical, develops, manufactures and markets wide range of catheters , that are used in Critical Care, Cardiac Care, Total Interventional Acces, Surgery and IAB Catheters.

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Venous Catheters
CV Catheter for acute
and long-terms hemodialysis
Catheter for
regional anesthesia:
Epiduralni i kateteri
Epidural and catheter for nervebloc
Products for
hemodynamic monitoring:
Arterial Catheters and Sheaths
Products for cardiac and radiology procedures:
Sheaths and termodilution catheter
IAB Pump and fiberopthic IAB catheters

Teleflex - Rusch

From production assortment of Teleflex – Rusch, Prospera distributes medical devices for regional anesthesia: spinal needles, epidural catheters, and catheters for combined spinal – epidural anesthesia


TRUEMED company has founded in 2012 aiming at innovating and developing, producing, and promoting trauma implants on the global platform. TRUEMED  is dedicated to be one of the world’s largest manufacturers of trauma implants of osteosynthesis.


TRUEMED has a mission of producing beneficial and proactive products for the medical device industry.

We have created an organization focused on quality that has achieved the highest international recognition, being awarded CE and ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2016.

We strive to create an organization committed to total quality in our manufacturing process and one that engages only in ethical selling.

Above all, we are working to create an organization that provides high-quality, cost-effective medical devices that restore health and improve the quality of life for patients worldwide.


Our vision, and that of our ever-growing sales network, relies heavily on the patient-first approach.

We also strongly believe in the idea of responsiveness and willingness to listen to our customers and understand the needs of the market to continually improve upon our product offering.

All of our work is done with this clear, concise vision in mind. By doing so, we hope to create products that meet and exceed, the demands of an increasingly

complex worldwide marketplace while also keeping true to ourselves by continuing to put patients first.


OHST medical technology is one of leading manufacturers in the field of endoprothestics and stands for medical products in accordance with the latest medical findings and technical evidences. Over 30 years have passed since OHST medical technology in Rathenow produced its first acetabular hip cup. Today the name of OHST is a synonym for the production of high-quality joint implants and surgical instruments


VUP Medical, a.s. is a Czech family company with more than 70 year experience in development and production of implants for vascular and hernia surgery. VUP Medical produces a wide range of knitted vascular prostheses and patches with collagen and polypropylene meshes for treatment of all kinds of hernias.

Your Anastamosis

YourAnastomosis was founded in 2018 with the clear vision to provide innovation for surgical education across the globe. Our service and products give an option for surgeons as affordable ‘take-home simulator’, an ‘online course’ for improving access and democratize novel concept of skill training.

At YourAnastomosis medical doctors, engineers, 3D modelers and experts share the same mission. We combine cutting-edge technologies for developing a method for analysis of vessel structures. This enables clear inspection for surgeons how to improve their work. Our case-specific models bring the problem-oriented learning in surgery to the next level. These together gives a realistic option for teaching and improving skills solving real problems in cardiac, vascular, plastic, orthopedic surgery and interventional procedures.