Prospera is a place where we spend the great part of our lives. And where the business and professional affirmation is obtained. Employees and friends of Prospera consider it as an extended family.


Sometimes, when the experience and terms of Western companies are used without any critical consideration, they may look like or sound inadequate. When we heard for the first time that companies in the Western countries had a mission, we thought about that for a long time, trying to find out whether it was really like that, whether we had a mission or the term "mission" was really inadequate. Now, we can give a positive answer to all these questions.

PROSPERA has a mission that shares with all other companies and that is to ensure good working conditions and standard of living for its employees through its own development. Prospera is an extended family, a place in which one spends a large part of it's life, a place where personal professional and business goals may be achieved.

Besides this, we feel that our mission is even wider and more comprehensive. Every day we are working on promotion of the principles of professional ethics and sound competitive environment, we fulfill a social mission as well. The results of such individual efforts will lead to the stabilization of the conditions at the current market.


PROSPERA was established in 1989 as the first registered private company in the field of medical supply. The company director and founder, Ms. Slavica Radojkovic, started by importing medical supplies and devices for the final users. New employees were being recruited among her immediate family, thus giving the company a permanent family stamp.

The move to a new location led to a quick expansion in the scope of activities; the company started creating its own stock of foreign and domestic goods, and wholesale became the primary activity. Supported by its domestic and foreign partners, PROSPERA began its fast growth and set a solid basis for further development. All high business standards and international contacts which led to expansion of the company were preserved up to today.

Throughout this time PROSPERA never forgot the people to whom it owes its existence, and invested selfless efforts into helping health care institutions and all those in need of assistance. Nor was the understanding and support given by the foreign partners at the time of greatest need ever forgotten. The majority of foreign partners have now been with PROSPERA for many years.

In early 2013 PROSPERA opened its own retail store for medical supply.

Today, PROSPERA represents a well-developed, and just as its name says, prosperous private company with its own, modern business and warehous facilities, a retail store and transportation facilities.


PROSPERA’s main activity is import and distribution of medical supply to health care institutions and pharmacies. We supply products from both representation programs and domestic manufacturers, wishing to compile a comprehensive offer for our clients and provide them with the most complete service possible.

Our team, with many years of experience in foreign trade, also provides the service of most complex export- import business.

Representation programs, as well as the knowledge and experience of our staff, make us specially qualified in the fields related to anesthesia, dialysis, urology, orthopedics, surgery (neurosurgery, vascular surgery, abdominal surgery ), and biopsy.